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Used office chairs – saving the environment

Have you seen how much a good new orthopaedic office chair costs?! We required four real, high-quality chairs, as we had previously made the error of purchasing low-cost chairs. We just discovered that buying cheap is a waste of money, as we discovered broken limbs, split seams, and faulty mechanisms. We required good seats because we spend 80 percent of our time at our desks. When you get home from work, the last thing you want is a sore back. We also understand that sitting in an ordinary chair all day can lead to future back problems.

We looked into it since we didn’t want to get bitten by the same dog repeatedly. We looked up information on the internet and asked around. RH 400, Herman Miller Aeron, and Steelcase Leap were chosen from a short list of three office chairs. We chose the Herman Miller Aeron chair since it has received numerous accolades and is highly recommended by most comparison and review websites.

We tested the chair at a nearby department store and found it to be extremely comfy. We didn’t buy right away because £4,000 for four chairs is a lot of money.

We were preparing to get the Herman Miller Aeron Chairs from John Lewis when our client Ken from the mentioned that he had recently purchased 100 of them and that they were in fantastic shape.

He further added that, because we claim to be an environmentally conscious firm, we would be decreasing our carbon footprint by not having to produce these seats. If the chairs were discarded, we would save landfill space. As a result, we currently own four Herman Miller Aeron chairs. These are the office chairs that can be seen in most TV shows that take place in workplaces, such as Mad Men. They’re even featured on the Simpsons, believe it or not. They have a nice design and are extreemly comfortable.

To Summarise, if you’re looking to purchase a high quality chair at a fraction of the RRP while helping to save the environment, have a look at this second-hand Herman Miller Aeron Office Chair