Wimax Leased Lines

Invictanet Wireless Leased Lines are suitable for a Company that requires reliable 24x7x365 high speed Internet connectivity. Save thousands every year with Invictanet’s Wireless Leased Line. A wireless leased line is the same as a traditional leased line with one difference, the last mile is delivered using WiMax class wireless rather than copper or fibre.

The key benefits of this are

  • Lower Costs…
  • Flexible Bandwidth…
  • Low Latency…
  • 99.99% Uptime Guarantee…

All Wireless leased line customers benefit from a 4hr Service Level Agreement ensuring your mission critical applications are back in service should any faults occur with your service. We have engineers based in Ashford and Canterbury to ensure rapid response times to any part of Kent.
WiMax Service Details

Reduced Install Time – Invictanet Wireless Leased Lines are normally installed within 14 days as opposed to the 60 working days most telecom providers quote.

Lower Costs – Invictanet Wireless Leased lines do not incur the cost of extra civil work to install the connection, many leased lines will require fibre to be installed creating civils work to run into your premises, this increases costs and installation times.

Flexible Bandwidth – Invictanet Wireless Leased Lines can be upgraded in a matter of minutes remotely. No need to book an upgrade weeks in advance. Temporary bandwidth upgrades can also be put in place for temporary requirements.Low Latency – Invictanet Wireless Leased Lines implement the latest WiMax class technology keeping uptime at a maximum and latency as low as possible. With Invictanet’s extensive peering at major peering points, we only deliver the best route 24x7x365. Typical ping times to most UK based servers are <10ms

99.99% Uptime Guarantee – We are so confident in our services that we offer a money back Service Level Agreement

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