Invictanet’s high quality and reliable VoIP service portfolio flexibly addresses the communication needs of diverse customer groups. It comprises a comprehensive business class hosted service for multi-user application and a low cost pre-pay service for single user customers.

Business Class Hosted Service
Our hosted business class service known as VoIP Enrich is available to customers who need to provide a solution to multiple users. It is an ideal platform on which to build a profitable business IP telephony proposition that represents a scalable, flexible and cost effective way to accommodate your immediate and future growth plans.
Standard functionality includes:
» Hunt groups that ensure your customers are directed to the right department
» Call queuing to ensure your customers are retained
» Auto attendant and time based routing to effectively manage the flow of incoming calls
» Call recording by extension, hunt group or call queue for complete information security
» Extension level dialling to direct call efficiently
» Follow me to ensure your customers can always be contacted

Low Cost Pre-pay Service
Ideally suited to single-user customers, our low cost pre-pay option known as VoIP Express is an entry level hosted VoIP proposition. It boasts a number of key features that enable you to enjoy the benefits of VoIP over and above those you get from lesser mainstream products aimed at residential markets:
» Geographic (01/02/03) or a non-geographic (0845) telephone number
» Online user portal to you straight forward day-to-day management of your call features, including pre-pay top-up
» SMS facility with the ability to send texts from the online user portal
» Free ‘on-net’ calls and competitive ‘off-net’ call rates
» Real-time call data to keep track of where calls are made to and received from
» Voicemail retrieval by phone, email or online at the user portal
» Black and white call lists to block or allow calls from specific numbers
» Call forwarding so that you can always be reach reached, wherever you are