It is essential that search engine optimisation (SEO) is built into the design and architecture of your website from day one. Increasing the amount of relevant visitors from search engines will ensure that your project is profitable.

By building your site in a certain way, and using all of our search engine optimisation expertise, we can get you to the top of the search engines for your key phrases and products.

Search Engine Optimisation is the processes that helps the search engines index and catalogue your web site more effectively. Web Site Optimisation enables potential clients who are searching for your type of service or product to find you.

SEO goes hand in hand with good website design.

If you are unsure about optimising your web site yourself you may wish to use our web site optimisation service to really give your web site a chance to get the very best rankings possible.
Invictanet offers an optimisation service that ranges from simply indexing your homepage, to indexing your whole web site. The key to good rankings is to get your website higher up on the search engine page than your competitors so that they visit your website and not there’s.

Most Search Engines have their own databases of feeds of information. When you do a search on a search engine these databases supply the results that it feels are most relevant. If you are not in the search engines database you will not appear in the results.

Search Engines check web sites that have requested to be included in their databases by using what is known as a spider program. Spider programs check the content of your web pages for relevant keywords, page titles, body text and meta tags.

Read what google says:
What is Search Engine Optimisation

Our Guarantee to you.

We can not guarantee that your web site will appear at the top of the all the search engines or their search results, no company can guarantee that. However we do guarantee that we can dramatically improve and increase the volume of traffic and therefore business to your web site.

Because competition is fierce good rankings are becoming harder to achieve within the search engines. Invictanet offer a range of services to help ensure that your web site will achieve a higher ranking on all the search engines.

Search engine consultancy
Bulk product uploading
Search engine reporting
Full site rebuilds

Let Invictanet generate greater traffic to your website so that you can convert it into new sales. The difference between customers being able to find your web site and not can be dramatic in terms of profits, the results generated can totally change your business.