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5 ways the internet is changing our lives

We are more connnected

I’m sure you have at least one of these apps on your internet enabled device?

Previous generations could only dream of being able to instantly communicate a photograph or even the idea of sending a simple text message to friends and family the way we do now.

We are more secure

More secure? REALLY? I hear you ask..  Yes. 

Just think you’re out and about in a new town or visiting a friend or attending a business meeting.  You don’t know the area, what do you do?  Ask a passerby in the street? No, you ask Google Maps.  With a few taps you’re on your way and it will even tell you where to get a coffee on the way….

We can shop from home

Admit it, who doesn’t love surfing through the internet for gifts sitting on the sofa in their slippers?

A simple search of Amazon or eBay and you can find pretty much anything your heart desires.  No more traipsing around the high street or shopping centre on a Saturday morning with the children in tow complaining about being bored!  

More entertainment

There in limitless entertainment on the internet.  We can watch a movie, catch up on your favourite T.V series, listen to music, watch cat videos, the possibilities are endless.

The most amazing part of this is that most of these services are wither free or very low cost.

Be heard

All thought there is no specific app for this area it is probably the biggest change.  We can be heard by everyone, globally, at our finger tips.

Have an opinion on something, upload a video, start a facebook page, get crowd funding, start a petition to parliament.

You can also get help from others online towards your cause. People will interact with you and share your video, page etc.