In the current age of internet abuse the vast majority of internet traffic is related to emails and more often than not the email is unsolicited and therefore classed as spam, although sometimes this is due to the email address owner signing up to something that has affiliations as we all do from time to time by not reading through the ‘small print’ when entering their details into some webform, but still there is an even larger portion that does not fall into these categories and is simply unwarranted email abuse.

As such we offer mailscanning facilities that will guarantee over 95% of all spam detection into your mailbox along with RBL’s {real time block lists “DNSBL’s”} incorporating our own DNSRBL offering and multiple industry standard virus scanning to each email that passes through the system.

This is an independent service so it can be utilised without having any other services with Invicta net where email will be proxied from source to a specified destination of your choosing or to one of our own mail stores for later retrieval.

The service is clustered to maintain both uptime and site independence in the event of network failures ensuring your email arrives safely and on time.


Email collection is offered on a variety of platforms including hosted exchange and support for all major standards including but not exhaustive imap, imaps, pop3, pop3s, smtp, smtps.