InvictaNet online backup allows businesses to backup and instantly restore all data and saved files. It continuously backs up data via the Internet and stores information securely to multiple off-site datacentres with 24/7 management and monitoring. Never lose a file again!


> Proactive monitoring and notification – backup errors or file deletions.
> Infrastructure – All data is stored in multiple datacentres (Both tier 4).
> Free installation and configuration, with built-in 25% growth allowance per year so data storage can grow without exceeding quotas.
> ISO 27001 certified online backup company.
> 3 month retention area – allows you to decide on your data retention policy.


How it works

> InvictaNet designs, installs, and configures a backup system to suit your needs.
> Data is automatically compressed, encrypted, and securely transferred to InvictaNet’s primary datacentre. InvictaNet only transmits data that have changed since the prior backup, making backups lightning fast.
> Each day data is automatically synchronized with the InvictaNet datacentre.
> Data is seamlessly and continuously mirrored to our secondary datacentre. > Lost data can be restored to your server with a click of a mouse.
> Deleted or older versions of files are still stored by InvictaNet in a practice known as retention. The retention period is set by the user