"We're not just another cloud provider,
we're a business to business partner"
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Business Internet Solutions
Email solutions to fit you and your business
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Designed to be different
Ideas and designs to make you stand out from the croud.
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Business Connectivity
Driving Growth through partnerships
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Business voice solutions
that grow with your company
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Why would you choose us?

The truth is that we’re focused on you and your business needs, we provide you with services you need with no hidden cost or agenda everything is simply laid out and clear, if you need something we cant provide we would simply redirect you to one of our business partner’s that does.

Our Passison

We love technology and the fast pace of internet technologies, its why we get up in the morning and drive the business forward, our staff are the people you would love to employ but instead you get to work with them as an extension of your company, our main passion is for solving problems, talk to us about what doesn’t work so we can find a way to improve your business

Our Values

We build a trust with our clients and this takes time, but this is why we still have many of our first clients still with us, they know what you will find out, we think there is no other ISP in the UK with values like Invictanet where we run the extra mile to help make sure your business is protected and working at its best.

Broadband `ADSL

Widely available, uses existing analogue phone lines.

Fibre Broadband

Available in most areas, as the signal stays digital this service can offer much faster speeds.


A new technology, like a home wifi network but covers a much larger area, great for remote locations.

Office 365

Office suite for up to five devices without long term contracts.

Fibre Leased lines

A faster, secure and reliable dedicated line to your business.

Ethernet First Mile

This is like plugging your network into the local exchange using a regular network cable. Secure, with plenty of contingency.


Not sure what you need?
Internet too slow?
Need some technical advice?

Mobile website?

All our website are responsive, which means all visitors to your site will get the full experience no matter what device they are using.

Application design

Secure bespoke web membership/shop application to manage your organisational tasks.

Email hosting

Affordable and reliable emails

Back up Services

Securing your important files in the cloud.

Website Design

Great design is great business

Website hosting

Web presence and visability

Website SEO

Search Engine Optimisation

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