Managing business communication is becoming increasingly complex and expensive. Most organisations do not have the time, staff, or expertise to monitor their printing environment – let alone identify opportunities for improvement. That’s why you need a partner who understands your business realities and your goals.

Tailored to your business needs

Managed Print Service is tailored to your business needs. It will reduce your print costs and increase efficiencies across your organisation.

Managed Print Service (MPS) continuously audits and analyses how and what you print so you can see where costs are accumulating and where savings can be made. With this level of transparency, you’ll be able to implement a print strategy to reduce waste, manage your print and document environment and derive real benefits over the long term. Quite simply, it will put you back in control.

Outsource all or part of your service

MPS is a modular service solution that allows you to outsource part or all of your printing and document management. Regardless of the solution you choose, you will benefit from the highest level of service, world-class technology and lasting business value. This is only possible because we are manufacture independent and can truly choose to utilize best of breed technology.

Benefits of MPS

MPS gives you control over your costs and increases productivity within a secure environment.

We combine the right people with the right technology for a broad cross section of manufactures and the right processes so you can operate in an efficient, flexible and cost effective printing environment. What’s more, the solution we deliver for your business will reduce costs and improve productivity both at initial set up and over time ; even as your business goals and needs change.

The 4 key benefits of MPS are:

Reduce print costs by up to 30%

Do you know where all your print costs come from?

Can you identify which costs are necessary and which are not?

“Office workers produce on an average 10,000 pages per annum, of which 44% is avoidable and unnecessary printing, the product of user waste and inefficient workflows. Up to 3% of revenue is spent on printing, proactive management of print costs can save up to 30% of that figure.”
Gartner Inc. Reducing Paper Consumption Will Drive Down Costs and Improve Workflows. Malcolm J Hancock 22nd December 2008.

We know how much print costs your business – both in terms of direct and indirect costs. That’s why we use MPS. By outsourcing part or all of your print management, you can significantly reduce and control all your print associated costs, and improve your bottom line over the long-term.

 Enhance employee productivity and improve efficiencies

Are you looking for proven efficiencies for a print management expert to help your people reach their goals more quickly and easily?

Do you want to take the hassle out of printing so you can focus on core business activities?

“…the average company’s costs associated with searching for and managing documents are more than 100 hours per year per employee.”
Gartner Inc. Predicts 2009: Print Technologies Enable cost Savings and Revenue Growth Don Dixon & Malcolm J Hancock, 13th Jan 2009

We’ve identified that many departments within traditional workplaces spend valuable time sorting out paper jams, inserting new toner cartridges across printer fleets and managing service call to their suppliers, when they could be working to improve your overall business efficiencies and customer satisfaction.

With MPS, your entire printing infrastructure can be managed on your behalf so your staff are free to undertake more productive tasks, and your printers can become more productive too.

MPS will “right size” your print fleet to ensure you have the right devices for the work you do. By integrating electronic document workflows, your business will run even more efficiently. Plus you’ll gain increased uptime and end-user satisfaction.

Improve your document processes and ensure information security

Are you concerned about the sensitive information that flows through your networked printing devices? You should be!

The more documents are circulated in and outside your office, the greater the chance they’ll end up in the wrong hands. Indeed, 33% of staff interviewed in one research project admitted to seeing confidential documents left behind at a printer. This disturbing statistic is another reason why we use MPS.

MPS will review and improve the way you use documents in your everyday business activities to create a more secure environment. Our solution will protect and track sensitive, confidential and proprietary information without compromising staff productivity.

Create a greener working environment

Are you searching for business solutions that contribute towards your company’s environmental goals?

“Digitised workflows enable print technology buyers to reduce consumption of paper and consumables while also improving business processes.”
Gartner Predicts 2009: Print Technologies Enable cost Savings and Revenue Growth, Don Dixon & Malcolm J Hancock, 13th Jan 2009

MPS leverages award-winning power saving technology, waste-reducing tools and software solutions to help your business decrease energy use, cut consumable waste and reduce your overall environment footprint.

The 5 Stages – Five steps to a new level of efficiency

We can provide you with an efficient document strategy then implement and manage a hardware, software and servicing solution to optimise your print environment and save up to 30% of your company’s document-related costs.


Discover who is printing what, where and with what

Business interrogation through audits and workshops to understand where you are now.

We will conduct an MPS Audit to understand your business requirements. The audit process will assess your current print fleet, print behavior and the total cost of ownership.



Design a service that fits the business need, both now and in the future

Consulting and Design services – technical design, policy design, SLAs and KPIs

Our experienced consultants will use your MPS Audit results to design a print and document solution that meets and evolves with your changing business needs.


Ensure a seamless transition from the old to the new

Project management, system integration, user training and program change management

Our team will implement a program to ensure a seamless transition to your new managed solution, using a defined methodology and training to support both your business and end-users.


Maintain the optimum environment using service management processes to support SLAs and KPIs

Service Operations

Our consultants will ensure your print fleet and document workflows maintain optimum performance over the long term, placing the highest importance on achieving agreed KPIs and SLAs.


Seek continuous improvement to support the changing needs of the business

Periodic reviews that address business, operational and user needs

MPS will use captured service and performance information to deliver continuous improvements and support your evolving business needs.