You have invested time and resource into your own IT infrastructure, service outages could affect any business in an unrecoverable way, the potential for problems like natural disasters, power outages, connectivity outages, viruses, denial of services attacks to disgruntled employees the list goes on, Rest assured that all you worries are covered with Invictanet.

Collocation Services from Invictanet provide highly secure, protected, and environmentally controlled collocation facilities to maintain your critical data both inside and outside the M25 where we can provide a range of services from individual server hosting to a full suite with differential transit providers.

Currently available hosting locations


  • The Bunker

    We extended our rack space in the Bunker, which is a Kent based hosting facility and we also now have the availability to provide the full suite of collocation requirements and at their sister site in Newbury. The security at the bunker is second to none along with the addition of this all being hosted in ex MOD nuclear bunkers

  • Telehouse

    Telehouse has always provided a solid hosting environment with good security and a large number of potential additional providers for transit or other connectivity related requirement within the M25

    This facility also has great access to major network access points (NAP’s), LINX, Packet Exchange, LONAP and LIPEX are present at Telehouse Docklands hosting facility enabling us to maintain fast access to your secured data

  • Redbus

    This used to be the former Redbus hosting facility in the Isle of dogs at Sovereign House, one of our first POP’s around the year 2000, they have always provided a good level of service as an alternative to the Telehouse hosting facility


  • Additional Services

    Additional IP block’s giving you the ability to have services running on different IP addresses with an allocation for example to run multiple SSL’s from a single server.

    Remote power control via APC this provides you with the ability to remotely power cycle your collocated server{s}

    Remote KVM allowing you to access the server across the internet as if you were standing in front and directly connected to your device{s}


We can provide servers according to your specification direct from vendor or you can provide hardware and we supply the hosting space and associated services. These are supplied in 1u increments, 1/4 – 1/2 and full racks. We provide full APC so that the server can be remotely powered on/off as well as KVM facilities to remotely manage the server. And of course all servers are installed behind our state of the art Firewalls.

Our data centres are designed for resilience throughout, each benefiting from onsite power generators and UPS systems to guarantee uninterrupted power supply even in the event of total grid power outage.



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